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Affiliate related

These days many developers are using WordPress or similar web site developing tools which are great tools to use but provide very limited resources when it comes to customization. The content management system of many well-known engines, including WordPress, are simply not designed for the car dealerships. Many useful features are not available or too hard to integrate with on the template basis, especially when a developer is not familiar with back end web- programming. That's when DealerLogin can help and provide the solution by providing CMS and data feed in XML or API formats.

A graphic designer or SEO specialist could become a professional web developer and a key player when it comes to running an effective advertising campaign focused on selling automobiles.

A local or world-wide classifieds, advertising platforms, mobile operators, and other apps which require vehicle sales data inventory could be provided with a unique data feed across more than 10 counties.

Even world top classifieds are facing problems with establishing communication that involves invoicing or delivering « the lead » itself. Quite often an international deal cannot happen simply because an invoice system cannot be set up or an invoice is being sent to the wrong recipient. This is when we can help. We can provide direct way to communicate with each car dealership through DealerLogin with local as well as international representatives using registered companies in each respective country.

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